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My journey into self-development started at a very young age, when I was not even aware that it was called self-development. I can recall being a little girl and being able to sense people’s energy and feelings. I honestly thought everybody could do that. Later, I realized everyone could, but not a lot of people are open to it. It is part of the mystical, magical, and paranormal, as people in my life explained it.

I grew up, moved on, and started education; that is when I started questioning. I was always passionate about how people’s minds work, what people’s emotions are, what our reason for this life is, and what the next step is. I never stopped and I was never satisfied by the answers I was given.

Years passed and I tried to adapt to society and its rules. I tried so hard that, in fact, I ended up in very bad situations in my life, sometimes close to death. I was confused and numb at the same time and until the day I realized I had to take control of my life, I lived in pain and heartbroken, constantly feeling I was born in the wrong time and world.

I grew to be able to share my story. Most importantly, I grew and I am able to tell you what no matter where you are in your life, how old you are, or what your current situation is, you can turn your life around 180 degrees. I did it, thousands of other people are doing it as we speak, so you can do it too.

My passion was to always help people in their journey to rediscover themselves. I am a proud graduate of the Robbins-Madanes Strategic Intervention Coaching program.

My hypnotherapy education is from the first nationally accredited school for hypnotherapy at the Hypnosis Motivation Institute (HMI). At HMI, I had the privilege of being mentored by several of the senior staff instructors who are masters of the craft and have had 10+ years of private practice experience.

I am also a Reiki Master. I received my attunements in Usui Reiki at the Reiki Center in Columbus, OH.

Allow me to help you make your first step toward freedom and success.